A corper, Chibuzo Anaeto shared these photos of himself and some Female corp member friends on his Facebook page…. and the comment that followed was that of his Mother!

See Below:

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  1. Lols , The mother knows wella, those lips have been to many places …… ” Cassava, eggplant…..lemme coman be going•••

  2. Moms En. I remember when I was telling my mom something about my female friend. She didn’t even listen to the story I was narrating. What I heard was “girlfriend or friend? When did boys start having girls as friends ”

  3. You have your mother as Facebook friend and you get heart post that kind picture, infact i don’t know why you have not been summoned for family meeting because of those red lips

    • Margaret Uwah, sweetie you should know our mothers. If they see you talking with a boy on the road, its enough for them to call you for family meeting