Tailors are best know for dissapointing clients in Nigeria.

Give them A and they reproduce B.

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This client was very dissatisfied with what she got from her tailor after ordering a very decent outfit and the opposite was delivered.

Her friend shared the story on Social Media

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  1. Lol All these tailors will just be breaking my heart. Just tell me you can’t sew it

  2. Some tailors are carpenters in disguise!!!! They will use saw and nail conveniently to create cloth patterns for you after yawning like 300 times and crawling on the job. Eeeya, Pele, manage am

  3. Lolzz. That awkward moment when you have already boasted to your friends that you will wear the best style to an occasion and your tailor changed your plan.

  4. Some naija TAILORS should be called FAILURES..because they have practically no idea of sewing to a customer satisfaction!!

  5. That’s what happens when you pay peanuts to a road side tailor and expect a designer outfit !. ..lollll

  6. Her tailor is an amateur, there are seasoned tailors that will do justice to the style and she won’t get tired of wearing and show casing the dresses. Change your tailor girl.

  7. Lol. Guess that ur tailor is still a Learner, some tailors can be so annoying shaa