This lady shared a photo in  a sexy black dress but instead of getting accolades, she horrified Twitter users..Can you guess why?

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  1. A lot of well dressed women out there with shocking habits, includes being dirty. Like soaking underwear for weeks without washing! Not really suprising

  2. There’s a tiny difference between untidy and dirty. And she posting this clearly shows she doesn’t give a f ck what the society thinks.

  3. she just did it so people will talk about her,she want 2 be famous & d media is already making her famous.

  4. Jeez! I’ve never seen a dirtier room! Abeg no be by sexy ooo babe, clean up that room girl!!

  5. dis room resemble edo refuse dump…buh in my own opinion she did purpose cux no human being can harbour dirt like dat…..she wan invent new style for selfie(dirty selfie)..just saying

  6. That’s not dirty, she purposely littered the ground with her clothes. I don’t see dirt except dresses and a can

  7. 4 crying out loud world people,dats nt dirt BT she purposely littered d whole room 4 d purpose of d shot she is taking biko.dats d concept she wants to create n u people re already saying diff silly tin’s abt her n oda gals.looking at dose stuffs,dey re all clean cloths n bags ..EWOH!!!!

  8. Exactly what naija babes dey do, u will see there profile pic u will feel like her father is the CEO of Central bank, but get closer to her and see some of them wearing underwear repeatedly.. All they know is how to edit pic, & showcase there selves when they put on neat clothes washed by there mom.. Am sick and tired of Facebook babes.. They claim to be lioness while they are just a cat… Same to some guys, many will judge only babe, but guys dey wey no day change their boxers for 2 days.. Many barely brush teeth, nnah am tired of these people self..

  9. Why is pipu just judging without even think for a second, that obviously shows that it was intensional. She did that to lets pipol talks

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