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  1. They are advising you now!.You are forming when time don reach you will be like Devil is the one to blame abi!!..Listen,read and observe whatever you can gain..Biko use am!!.no just dey find reason for needless fight..Is it a must you fight on Social media just for you to make GISTREEL.COM headline?!

  2. She’s a celebrity so her business is people’s business. The advice is very good. I see nothing wrong with it. She’s asking you to be willing before getting married is very cool. What if she came out and said your parent & peers have the right to throw you into Marriage. You guys need to cut her some slack

  3. Fan u act like you no get prob u dey advice another person when your own full drum….

  4. Aunty Halima abi what is your name, if you don’t want to marry please stop giving silly advice to single ladies. There is no perfect marriage all you need is patient and understanding so just park one side and remain single as you wish