Nollywood actress, Funke Akindele and her Producer here sband, JKC Skillz have launched a record label known as Scene One Records.

Artistes signed under the label include Mo’Eazy formerly signed under veteran, Darey Art-Alade.

Others are Ruby and Pearl (members of Gemstones), MartinsFeelz and Sonorous.

“When I met JJC, I loved his talent so much, so, I told him why don’t we have a record label. I don’t know anything about music. My husband is a good producer and singer.

“We went out to look for fresh talent and here we are today,” the actress said.

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JJC revealed that the couple are working on a television soap opera called ‘Industreet’.

He said: “They are also stars of the new TV show, Industreet. This is our baby, our project so please support.”

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  1. if everyone has a record hu join yur own …lil kesh ,harrysong and lots of others now owns record lebel.

  2. Hmm FUNKE!.FUNKE!.FUNKE!!..How many times did I call you!!!..JJC na HUSTLER and if you dull yourself you might find yourself where you never imagine!!..For heaven sake he already has KIDS from other women and what gives you the impression he is that much into you except to use you to relaunch his music career in Nigeria?!….What am saying is that THINGS ARE MOVING AT AN ALARMING RATE BETWEEN THE BOTH OF YOU and I hope everything is based on LOVE!!.Because both of you fit the perfect combination of a NIGERIAN ENTERTAINMENT POWER COUPLE…#All the best!!!


  4. Everyone wants to have a record label now….hmmm, me sef go launch my own ooo•••

  5. By God’s grace your child will be one of the best artists you’ll ever sign on that record label

  6. I wish u d best dear Funke. It doesn’t matter if he has kids from other women. I don’t want to care about his past. What matters is-JJC is now ur husband, he’ll forever be ur husband. Ur marriage will nt scatter, ur womb will be blessed, ‘irawo re konii w’omi’ where others are failing u will succeed. IJMNIP(AMEN).

  7. I wish u d best nd thank God U never allow those negativity word they said pull U down. Ur blessed

  8. Am the most happyest person on this earth for you I can remember then when that looser come and go with empty HAND 2017 is our year to shine on I wish you all the best funke akindele Jenifer ayetoro kan

  9. I hope you both owns it not that wanna use u get our attention later his atutupoyoyo wife ll appear….. My aunty shadow oooo

  10. Madam funke may God bless your marriage and bless your home with children I which u all d best in life

  11. Use your money and help the less privileged and God knows how to give you your heart desires in Jesus name Amen

  12. I thank for both of u life, I pray for both of u Almighty God will ans u this year I.j.n.