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  1. 1 in 20 ladies you will find out their beauty matched with their brains! Most na beauty without brains.. You will see them,dey will make you wow but when you get to know dem,you will be shocked how dull they are..

  2. When you’re beautiful and you have nothing upstairs its useless…Thumbs up dear•••

  3. They should have at least given us the hospital address so that we can verify for ourselves. This type of partial information does not help anybody at all.

    • Jealous Kwa? I don’t think you used the right word. I admire the lady and I wish I could be treated in the hospital that she is now that I have some slight body pains. Does that portray jealousy?

  4. Medical personnel.. .as in.. Her name, Hospital and job description pls.. .. else this is total BS and click bait….Fake Media.