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  1. Nooo,they just finish picking prewinkle ,they went into d bush to change their cloths,so they decided to take selfie,pls is not bridal shower

  2. No b small tin…. Bridals shower or whatever d most important thing is to hold on to d last

  3. Wisdome is profitable to direct. Instead of going to pay in a standard hotel with swimming pool they went to the village stream were she started from and save that money for other purposes.

  4. I lack words… But this simply has to be an agricultural aligned excursion. Which one z bridal shower in a bush??? Ayam not understanding

  5. I wish I’m among them Lols bush party is my favorite party ground, i miss bayelsa state their are fun of bush parties hmn

  6. This is so amazing, love you girls, i think this is great not to waste money in a hotel