Well, it seems MMM was’t all about helping hands, but match-making also. Trust nigerians to make the best out of everything…

Facebook user, Valentine Onu is set to marry a lady whom he was matched with on the now defunct/suspended MMM Nigeria.

According to him, he made his intentions known to her after he was paired to provide help to her. He wrote;

“MMM did not stop at pH n gh. I fell in love with a girl I was matched to pay.
I made my intention kwn to her, mmmmmmmm am shy to say this………… But the truth is she has come all the way from Ogun to Enugu to see me. And with the little time we spent together she was just excellent. I proposed to her she sayyyyyyyyyyyyy yes. Another MMM wedding rigging.”

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    • And r yu God to detect pple’s destiny y nt kip dis thought to urself and jux wish dem well u Neva can tell wia you would find urs

    • I’ve seen this type of marriage ms. celina. I’ve seen wen ppl just meet through internet and as a result of not knowing themselves that well, they end up breaking up. So, trust me when I say the marriage may not last. I said MAY not WILL. My prediction is under probability Ms.. Thanks

  1. See these people. They may not last because they dont know themselves that much. Because you two met on MMM or whatever and fell in love for the first time doesnt make you guys suitable to marry each other. Did the man know the girl’s background and vice versa? I dont know what is making nigerian men nowadays to just rush into marriage and call it “Love at first sight”. Yark! This man must be dreaming!

    • Oga relationship adviser. Open d link and read d full story. They have known for a while but just met for d first time. So now dat they have met, won’t they know each other’s background before marriage? People meet on d street, on Facebook, even through missed call so I don’t see what ur headache and ignorant talk is all about.

    • Wetin even concern background concern the girl? Love is like photoshop that Edit all kind of background

  2. Two things are involved:either your marriage FREEZES or CRASHES.May neither be your portion IJN

  3. It would av been better if MMM was originally a lovers match making scheme… Cos av heard a lot of dis Mmm marriage stuff…at least noting to lose wen ur money is freezed and u found someone to marry

  4. This guy is very wise. After he pH to her and mmm frozed he decided to marry her so in case mmm didn’t unfreeze he’ll use the Money as bride price

  5. But the way husbands and wives meet these days is very funny. I’m still waiting for someone that’ll say he met his wife in the public toilet

  6. u can meet you wife or you husband anywhere unless if God has not desting two of you. congrats.

  7. Lol…. Wonder… If them no pay me… I go call the lady them pair me with to propose to her oo

  8. Girls no dey fear, u traveled from Ogun to Enugu to meet someone u know nothing about. Where are your parents? Good luck if he’s the good type

  9. Kudos man you provide help of cash and receive woman in return i will try this your pattern.

  10. I think this is a case of two desperate people! How could u say u were matched with som1 and u fell in love wt her? MMM don’t send u photos of whom to pay to. Possibly he fell in love wt her voice or what? *Make dem go sitdon jare* so dis guy could possible fall in love wt Mtn call center automated response machine bcos the voice dere is sexy too….. Just my opinion anyway I wish them well

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