Ever heard the saying “you are what you eat”? Well it is not just a smart quote but a statement of fact; the food you eat has a way of affecting your overall system – yes, even your sexual health.

For the men, eating certain kinds of foods can greatly increase your chances of ending up with erectile dysfunction and unhealthy sperm cells.

If you are interested in keeping your reproductive organ healthy and staying active in the bedroom department, then here are 6 foods you should try to avoid:

1. Sugar

This is one food everyone is advised to stay off; as sweet as sugar is, the effect it has on the body could come with a high price no one wants to pay. Apart from rotting your teeth, sugar has a lot of adverse effects on a man’s waist line.

So when you see that your performance in the bedroom is starting to fault, you may want to cut off those sweets and get the proper natural solution for a great intimate life!

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