This guy sha.. Lol

All of you that are hating on the effeminate, he has a message for y’all – he has his 2017 planned for you too! Hehe

'She Said I Look Halfcast' _ Bobrisky Rocks Ripped Blouse, Shares Convo from Late Night Party

  1. I wonder why this guy always like to make noise. What if they show you pepper instead, abeg park well jor, foolish fool.

  2. The is nothing u can possibly do #IDRIS@ in fact, the thunder that will fire u is getting ready doing press up and seriouse excercise. Just wait and u will knw that it will be hoter than fire

  3. He is using the social media as a ladder to fame and it seems to be working for him. He will be rich and famous as long as we people don’t have anything serious and important to do than clicking and commenting every time his or is it her picture shows up…

  4. Stupid Bob are you God? He can decide to take ur life at anytime so don’t be so sure of intimidating whoever you think you want to intimidate.

  5. Av neva seen a person as useless as dis all my life. Na u pepper go blind ur eyes nd u nogo see bleaching cream rub 4 2017.. Fool

  6. When grasshopper dey roast for fire, him dey shout ! Chie!! See as oil dey shine for my body!!! No worry, every dog has its day.