Twitter user, Gift of Yahweh (@iam_west_) is causing a serious stir on the platform after he sent out a series of tweets concerning all forms of “attachments” on the body.

According to him, “Anything that God didn’t create in you… hair, nails etc…. Hell is yours.”

Some of his Tweets below:

If you die with that attachment on your head, that eyes lashes, those fingers nails which are not yours, YOU WILL NEVER ESCAPE HELL FIRE.

Anything that God didn’t create in you, which you attached to your body, hair,nails etc! You might be a christian, a preacher. Hell is yours.

I’m not here for likes and comments. Hold it! And be Holy! God desire Holiness, not carnality.

You think you’re a preacher or a christian ? Beautiful and handsome? Examine yourself, lest after finished preaching then yu’ll be cast away.
The series of tweets received the reactions of opposite minded Nigerians?! See reactions below:

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