Here are photos of Maryam, the daughter of Gambia President, Yahya Jammeh, who has refused to step down despite losing the December 1 election.

Read the post published on Facebook by Retsam Chambali.

“Mariam Yaya jammeh, Daughter of Thief, Pathological Liar, Murderer, Rapist, Bully, Outgoing President Yaya Jammeh. Yall can see she is about living the lavish lifestyle her dad stole from the hardworked money of Gambians. Sippin’ that Vodka Absolute, rolling with 50 bucks notes and hanging in yachts and private jets. My little brother who is her age is back in Gambia living in fear, desperate about life and not knowing what the future holds for him. Waiting for that one person who’s gonna come on my post telling me she is innocent and imma shove my phone up in your Ass.”

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  1. #GistReel….. Wht do u wat d whole world 2 do wit #Maryam, daughter of Gambia president…. Una sabi take para 4 anoda person headache ooo…