Yesterday, the father of one took to his Instagram to apologise to Blac Chyna and also pledged to be the best father to their daughter.

“This weekend I was in an emotional bad place and did some things that embarrassed myself and my family,” he began. “I apologize and I’m seeking help to deal with my flaws/issues. Please pray for me and I’m sorry @blacchyna. You are a great mother to our child and I love you.”

Recall that the drama started after Chyna’s account was hacked by unknown persons and it revealed conversations about her thoughts about him, why she wants to take on the Kardashian name and how she is fed up with his insecurities. Not long after, Rob took to his page to moan about how she fled with their daughter, how heartbroken he had become.

But the father of one is back, taking all the blame and promising to be a better man. “I am going to get better for you Dream,” he writes to their daughter. “You are my life and gave me a new start on being a better me. Love you”

Does this mean no more drama?

Well, Chyna has replied him by simply reposting his promise with a love caption.