This beautiful girl wants to know what you will gift to her if she’s your girlfriend.

What do you think befits her?

Apostle Suleman Sues Stephanie Otobo, Sahara Reporters for N1B

Lets see your answers.

  1. u are snapping pics wit only pants and bra see ur bride price is #150 repent now cuz na d first model of motorolla dem go buy for u

  2. i would have given you an iPhone but u might misused it, using it to snap full naked pics… so i will give you a brand new accatel

  3. Nokia torch dey expensive dis days so no need of spending money on u na correct flogging suit u so dat u go learn how to dress descent,olodo lyk u

  4. Oh no damsel don’t worry I will buy you an iPhone 12 but you will have to be a virgin again

  5. you don’t need phone yet coz you are worthless. cover up and look mature,well I know you are not even mature you dnt deserve charger self.

  6. See dis small shawdyy dey find fone, better go read your book so u can mak it in Lyf,may b na junior secondary school she still dey sef.

  7. Ha ha,u guys are wicked o,u can’t even buy her expensive phones,like Sagem my x10,Nokia 3130c,5200,u guys are wicked o

  8. I go manage buy you airtel sim card just to appreciate your effort for taking this picture then go register am your self

  9. To be frank and just you don’t worth even Nokia 3310 nor land line cos you see worthless and untrained…unreasonably enough not to know you are naked and should get decent clothing to cover up your body

  10. B’cos u r a very SPECIAL LADY in town, I think Palaus phone will b better 4u. Just ONLY to receive & make call.

  11. Are you to rate your self ? If I where to be your so called Guy i will manage to get you Nokia 3310 because that’s your worth stupid idiot like you

  12. Is only a stupid girl, will always depends on a man to be buying things for her, definitely, she will turn herself to a prostitute

  13. Oooooo what a beautiful girl.. ooooooo u will buy you an expensive one which is HOLY BIBLE so dat u read nd understand d WORD OF GOD. Ok??? I love uuuu but decent dressing first ok???

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  15. Y are u ppl wicked nah pls b generous pls sexy bitch don’t mind all of them I go buy iPhone 30+ 2035 model for u enjoy ur self ok

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  17. Chaiiiii Na we u dy ask???? Bae nha change period we dy…. Better go Fuck yha pussycat yourself if it worth torch light…. Wradawrada

  18. Since ur value is lower that the free range chicken,I will offer u my motorola c113 for free n thats from the bottom of my heart

  19. I Will buy you Nokia 3310 that you wil l charge it battery for good 1 week and it will last for jus 3minutes

  20. TanGo phone wey no get touch light cos If I buy d one wey touch u go naked come out upon say u no get Nafdac number

  21. I աҽ ցօ ҍςk íղԵօ ʍվ ժɑժ ςմԹҍօɑɾժ …ղժ ցҽԵ մ Nօkíɑ-3310 ςօŚ ժɑԵŚ աɑԵ ςհɑղցҽ ɑŚ ςօŚ

  22. did u say phone?..anyway cos of my generosity, i will buy u responsible clothes cos u really need help.

  23. I’ll get u a n Itel china made device with two torches, no browser and 1week battery life so u dont show ur nudity on social media anymore i wont take any chances, Change your ways

  24. Chaii you guys self baby I will take you to phone village so you can take the one you want but I only have 250# for phone oo

  25. You r not beautiful pls stop saying you r beautiful okay? So you can’t be my girl friend, but as you r i will give you Nokia 3310.

  26. Y phone huh… I rather get you some more tore cloth, since you like showing what you got to pple

  27. I wl buy u a phone dat wl only receive n send txt msgs so dat ul neva b nud anymore to d world

  28. Bird. That one with blue light. And if u don’t like it. I think we should breakup. Cus u r ungreatful, the phone is even expensive than u