In what seem like a sarcastic post… A lady who says she’s tired of buying sanitary pad of N800 every month, wants to get married asap.

She’s looking for someone who’d impregnate her, and of course walk her down the aisle.

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She captioned her post:

Dear future hubby.
Have time not reach for you to come? Always sanitary pad is now 400 and I can’t afford to spend 800 every month because of period…. Please come and give me belle.. I am tired of wearing this thing like chidren on diapers. yours truly.


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  1. just click d link below and register its free it does no require money to start up its free with $25 joined bonus already bye bye to recession wink

  2. Pls tell the name of the pad . And beside after child birth you start again depends on the type of body you have.

  3. SMA Gold is also very expensive now o,2800 for a can.and it will finish in a week,if it’s a baby girl.if it’s a baby boy,na 3 days

    • If you are lucky and d baby allows exclusive,you av a grace of six months.after then,what happens?my baby started taken SMA Gold at 3months,else nobody will sleep at night.

  4. Don’t loose hope, your miracle is On the way but pray hard and go into fasting God will show you your husband, remain blessed n be careful

  5. Babe better u continue spending that till time reatch don’t rush for bug thing because of small spending ok.