Due to the notoriety of Lagos Traffic, many vendors have taken advantage of selling all sorts of items. You can buy almost anything on Lagos highways.

Lagosians are already used to this because after a hectic day at work, they may be unable to go to the market. Hence, they resort to patronise these vendors. The truth is you don’t have to buy everything from these street sellers in Lagos because you may regret patronising them later especially if you have the knack for buying gadgets.

This is because the standard of these items are very low and nothing to write home about counterfeit.

  1. Phone Charger/ battery


Phone chargers and battery are meant to have ampere to make it compatible with your phone. You can either buy a 1 amp charger or 2.1 amp charger. If you buy the wrong charger, your phone may explode.

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The fact is these items sold on the street don’t have any of these features. These chargers are just produced with the mindset that it will work with any device. This is impossible.

It is either the charger is too slow or won’t work at all. The same for batteries.

2. Earpiece/headphones

lagos-trafficThis is the least item you should think of buying in traffic. The earpiece/headphones are write-offs and fake.

If you don’t want to spend N250.00k every day, you should save money to buy an original one.