Bobrisky has finally spoken on why he Punched a lady in the eye yesterday.

In a new audio shared on social media, the popular cross-dresser said he went to get his nails done at a Lagos mainland beauty shop. Inside, he met two ladies. While one was kind to him, the other was rude.

“She was eyeing me for no reason” he said. “I can’t go and accuse her for eyeing me. [But] the next minute, she brought out her phone and she was filming me while i was making my nails and i said ‘hello madam, don’t film me’”

And it escalated from there.

Bobrisky is frequently barraged with homophobic and derogatory attacks from folks who troll him daily. But this is the first time he will get physical with a critic of his lifestyle.

According to him, the lady cursed him and said some offensive things to him.

“She said, ‘You are stupid, you are foolish, you this prostitute – what are you doing here?’”

He said he warned her, saying, “Anymore insults, i will deal with you.”

She allegedly didn’t stop and he made do his promise by punching her in the eye.

Oops!!! New photo of Bobrisky without Snapchat filter leaks online...

The lady then threatened to get ‘area boys’ to beat him up, but the Police was invited. He got arrested but has reportedly been released.

Listen to the audio below:

#Bobrisky explains why he punched a lady's eye. #Part2

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