Tekno Miles took to Instagram to declare his love for Genevieve Nnaji.

The singer said his love for the veteran actress will never die. Tekno is not the only singer who is ‘tripping’ for the actress.

Read what he wrote below.



    • Jst so annoying dear, while some morons r here saying age has nothing to do with love… Let them go n marry their mother age mate, n call it love… That’s why it’s being called sugar mummy when ur dating somebody old enough to be ur mum…..

  1. Erribody wanna crush dis Genevieve…. Hmmmmmm,she has been on this crush issh..4 years #abi she b crusher???

  2. which love???????? him too want participate 4 the national cake,,,,,,, I just pray say the remain better thing 4 u sha,,,,,,,,,tekkino

  3. Anything that pleases you can do it and I don’t trust ladies, they can do or no do so keep boiling.

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  5. See what money can do, aunt expressing feelings for elephant, very soon children will start saying please mommy will you marry me, daddy when are we going on the ualtal, nice one thu not bad expressing what is inside your mind that may be one will kill you.

  6. Foolish boi. How much do you think you av that you are trying to go the wrong way? You will start begging on the street again oo

  7. Tekno please don’t go after Genevieve she is too small for you, but you can go after Patience Ozokwor (Mama G) or better still go after Chinwe Owoh they are your real match, just take my advice you will love it and thank me later.

  8. Your love for her will never die ko.. ….go and look for your age mate….even her daughter is your age mate! . … and you’re talking bou ur love for Genevieve. ….mtchewww.. …idiot

  9. Ds is thn of choice, one man food, can be another man’s poison. All we pray for in life is peaceful togetherness, nd on a legitimate arrangements, goat can still be in business with lion, Nd all mighty can never reveal it, if it’s not possible.