A Nigerian lady who is expecting her 3rd child and believed to be 33 weeks pregnant has gone viral because of this photo..

Photos: Lady With One Leg Defies All Odds to Climb Olumo Rock

She was pictured jumping at a beach, which many have described as extremely risky..

see photo below!!


  1. This pix is not real Check it out How can she be kneeling on a child Do u notice that there is a child laying next her where she is kneeling. Making it a march make photo

  2. Unless there’s something I’m missing, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with what she’s doing. She’s just been happy, if you go to gyms and fitness centers for pregnant ladies, they actually do things riskier than this. Lots if twisting and bending and all what nots, they wouldn’t be doing that if it wasn’t healthy would they? It probably looks scary from the photo, but am sure it’s not as bad as it looks. The baby definitely won’t fall outta her pants or something. Like I said, unless there’s something am not seeing from that photo, having a good time isn’t defined as risky.