In Nigeria, albeit a nation with a variety of cultures and religion, morality here is an ultimate; Black is evil, white is good. Wearing revealing clothes is irresponsible (bad/evil), decency is good.

Following fashion trends is good sometimes but other times makes us wonder what is going on with the fashionista. Fashion to many is a form of expression; it originates from a deep level of their sense of self and how they want to be viewed by society.

This projected image is fueled by the subscription to the ideal of individualism. Many opt for what they look good in, few develop their own style and stick to it and others get hooked on fashion trends These days one of the major trends are the thigh-high slit dress and tops. Women of all shapes and sizes subscribe to this fashion.

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As a comedian said, Nigerian women will soon roam the country nude in the name of fashion.

Check out photos of the notorious thigh-high slit fashion trend

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Lets call this one turkey lap show. Can’t deny the hot, smooth legs though.

2. Rocking it with African prints doesn’t look bad.
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Show me your front thigh…

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