MMM Participant Purchases Multi-Million Jeep Amdist Recession (PHOTOS)


In the midst of recession crisis in Nigeria, a man, Potokri Forgive, has acquired Lexus 330 jeep, all thanks to the controversial money doubling scheme called MMM.

According to Mr Potokri, it was the money he got from MMM that he used in buying the jeep. The young man took to his Facebook page to announce the good news which is expected to lure more Nigerians to the Pyramid scheme. He shared photos of his new car, with the caption: “God bless MMM Nigeria, New Lexus 330 to my garage”.

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See more photos of the vehicle purchased by Mr. Forgive below:

A quick look at the comment section of the post which has garnered many shares show everyone congratulation him and some, blaming themselves for not joining the MMM scheme earlier than when they did. Congrats to Mr Potokri!

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