While speaking at the KICC facilitated wealth creation platform held in Lagos, yesterday November 12, Nigerian billionaire, and richest black woman in the world, Folorunsho Alakija, who gave tips of making and sustaining wealth, revealed that her goal is to have more money than King Solomon in the Bible.

The business tycoon said:

“I will make more money than King Solomon in the Bible. I am working towards that and with his grace, I will.”

“You can’t afford to be laid back, I’m not saying you should be aggressive without a purpose but I’m saying there are ways to be aggressive positively and I can tell you that you have to make that move, put yourself forward and be ready to face all hurdles,”

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  1. He sacrifice 1 thousand cow on one altar in a day before God manifest in his life,so if u ar thinkn of becomn richer dan him, I think u will firstly make more sacrifice dan him b4 thinkn of dat cos his riches com 4rm God

  2. Confirm lier, King Solomon had a prayer and God Almighty has granted him what he pray for so don’t dare to dream for that richness of Solomon.

  3. It’s okay to aim for the sky… So that if one is falling, maybe lands ontop iroko tree. Dream high ma!

  4. Nothing is unachievable with God…man proposes with hard work but the almighty God gives all things Nd makes things possible.. Madam God help ur dreams

  5. My sister dream of becoming richer dan bill Gates bt as for Solomon is impossible cuz u ursef don’t even know hw rich he was

  6. You have just acknowledged that king Solomon existed. But you can’t be richer than him not even by 10%. Check the Bible. He didn’t embark on illegitimate businesses.

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  8. Yes o, she is nt even half of Dangote she is talkin of King Solomon. Hmmm, wat a load of rubbish.

  9. Not even 1%,if only you know what he controlled. He had everything under his command. He heard the ants,birds and all animals spoke. He commanded the jinns,no other man can have the blessings of king Solomon.

  10. It’s not possible, because our GOD is a faithful and truthful GOD, he said generation and generation to come, nobody will be richer than Solomon, if you want to be richer than Solomon, money must split everywhere on the ground throughout the country, read the Bible, the time of Solomon, golds flowed everywhere on the floor.

  11. This woman doesn’t know what she’s saying. She’s not even upto half of Dangote who is not even among the 100 richest men in the world, and she is talking about King Solomon. Madam did you read your bible at all? You can not even possess 2% of King Solomon’s wealth and no body on earth can be as rich as he was.