Woman Calls Off Marriage Into A Rich Family Because Her Partner Rejected Her Dog


karis2-tileKarishma, who was being set up with the prospective groom by her family, apparently broke things off because he refused to accommodate her dog.

During a WhatsApp conversation between the two, which is now viral in the country, the man requested that she give up her pet dog because his mother did not like them generally.

Karishma made it clear that the dog came with her or that there would be no marriage. The request saw her get so annoyed that she has now called off the wedding altogether.

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The marriage was being planned by Karishma’s parents, who wanted her to marry into a rich New Delhi family. The bold decision has been lauded in several quarters of India, and praise on social media.

Karishma says she is determined not to change her mind, despite the persuasion from her mother and the suitor.


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