Men are known to be very good at observing ladies when they are attracted to them. These are some things a man can notice about a woman in a few minutes.

“Just the kind of drink you choose or the amount of cleavage you show can make a huge difference”.

1. Sunny smile:


The way you smile can say a lot about the person you are. Make sure that if you are meeting a guy for the first time you are don’t come across as someone who’s eager to please him and therefore is laughing at all his jokes a tad too enthusiastically.

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At the same time don’t appear too stern by keep a serious face.

2. Dress it up:

What you wear is obviously one of the first things that a guy is likely to judge you on. Whether you are a tom boy or a girly girl… all is revealed by the way you dress and most guys will decide whether to make a move or back off just by looking at the way you dress.

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