Hey Lovelies

I know how it feels when you had your hair done and its a mess before two weeks.

There are times when you can find a solution and there are times when a quick fix is nowhere in sight, then what would you do?

You must note that your hairstyle is very important especially during those days you can’t be bothered to wear any makeup, your hairstyle is in charge of making you look neat and clean if yo don’t believe me ask my neighbor whose hairstyle is so neat and prepped that she doesn’t need to spot any makeup.



With the illustration below you can already tell that once your hair needs a fix it needs a fix; there is no avoiding it so I’ve decided to share some pictures of cute hairstyles that you can make after work today if your hair needs to be fixed.

This corn row whirl hairstyle can be achieved within 1 to 2 hours maximum. It’s the perfect switch and should be able to stay for two more weeks (if your stylist is good).