Susan Peters is livid after her car caught fire at a friend’s house yesterday.

Ms Peters reports that she was with her friend when a generator exploded and her Range Rover Sports caught fire. It was a terrifying shave as it started close to the car’s fuel tank. They hurried to put out the fire and would later learn that the gateman had been filling up the generator tank with fuel while the engine was still on.

This is what happens when you have a lazy gateman,” the actress recounts on her Instagram today. “He was putting fuel in a generator while on and it exploded and caught my car.”

She continued, “What stopped him from putting the generator off before putting the fuel? I was lucky we were able to put it off otherwise the fuel tank would have exploded.”

It is unclear how many of such incidents the veteran actress had survived because she noted that “the enemies have failed again.”

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This was really a close shave:

See the photos:

sussan-peters1 sussan-peters

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