Top 10 most beautiful daughters of northern billionaires in Nigeria (With Pictures)


Daughters of northern billionaires in Nigeria – Northern women are known to have this captivating beauty that you can’t help but take a second look.

The daughters of northern billionaires in Nigeria are also blessed with this beauty.

Not only are they gorgeous, they are classy and have a rich pedigree. Most of them keep a low profile, despite being born into very wealthy and prominent families.

Check out the top 10 photos of beautiful daughters of some northern billionaires.

10. Bara’atu Muazu


She is the daughter of Adamu Muazu, a former national chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party.

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  1. Okay!!.you shaa want us to feel jealous gistreel?..This is the second time am seeing the post!!

  2. After clicking the link,I hope u all are convinced and not confused,beyond all reasonable doubts that poor men daughters dey fine pass rich men daughters


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