Weight loss expert and Life Style coach on IG, Askdamz, shared this amazing testimony of how her sister-in-law welcomed a set of twin after ten years of marriage.

She wrote:

10 years later ! ! ! Remember I said I would share my testimony with @beibeihaven and you all last week Friday for pregnancy and miscarriage awareness week … we waited TEN YEARS !!! Our babies finally came two hours ago after many years of prayers and tears … My sister !!! …Yup she’s my husbands sister (same mum and same dad too)…I needed our testimony to be full before sharing today.

God gave us DOUBLE for all our TROUBLES! ! ! Won’t he do it??? !!! Ten years later with two beautiful babies. Don’t lose hope. Just TRUST GOD ! ! !

So when you hear me talking about Jesus all the time, it’s things like this that make me go mad for God. He’s amazing! ! !

She also shared a photo of the new mum who was heavily weighed before and how she lost the weight even while she was pregnant. Below:

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