My Girlfriend Is Very Beautiful And Intelligent, But She Bedwets


The man shared his story on an Instagram relationship page, Break_or_Makeup, where he told stunned readers about his girlfriend’s sad habit.

According to him, his girlfriend still wets the bed as old as she is.

He revealed that although she is beautiful and also intelligent, she can’t let go of the habit.

Below is how he told the story:


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  1. Try and know what time in the night the bed wetting usually comes Set alarm five minutes before that time Wake up to pee when your alarm signals goes Make it a family project to do that daily Her body will change to the new routine after some time. It is tested and proved effective on other people. So there is a guarantee of success

  2. Guys listing even duo d husband wake her up by 3am she will stil bedwart, it maybe a spiritual problem.