Remember the Very Heavy Pregnant Corper who went viral for participating in Kcee’s Tinana Dance Competition? She has put to bed!

Kcee and his brother Emoney have proven that they never turn their backs on loyal fans.

Yesterday, the two Five Star Music executives visited a female fan who delivered a set of twin girls – same pregnant female who took part in the #Tinana dancing competition and she was massively criticised for it – and they had a huge surprise waiting for her family.

The mum welcomed a set of twin girls, and keeping to their promise, Kcee and his brother Emoney paid her a visit at the hospital, cleared her bills and also showered her with much love.

“She delivered a set of twins (girls )yesterday and we couldn’t wait but to celebrate with her,” Kcee wrote on his Instagram page, adding that they also gave her family some money.

See the photos:

putbed2.png putbed putbed3

With some much joy and happiness in my heart I received a very wonderful news yesterday. Can we all remember the young pregnant Corp member that participated at the ongoing Tinana competition ? I guess the answer is yes . She delivered a set of twins (girls )yesterday and we couldn't wait but to celebrate with her . I and my brother @iam_emoney1 and the entire five star crew members went straight to the hospital to visit Them yesterday. My brother Emoney has cleared all their hospital bills and also gave them some Cash. My brothers wife @iam_mrse who couldn't resist the moment of joy also shared some baby kits with the new born babies and their mother . Congratulations to the new born babies and their mother and also to the father of the house because na him do the harder part of the job earlier lol . #tinanamovement #tinana God bless you all.

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