It was William Shakespeare who said: “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” and this was abundantly demonstrated in Ogun State, southwest Nigeria.

In a shocking tale of post-coital horror, a woman, unnamed, inflicted multiple stab wounds on her spouse, right after they’d had a run in the sack.

Sources claim her reason for carrying out the odious act was because her now fatally wounded husband had only recently taken on another wife.

The story was first published on LIB after a Facebook post by Odunsi Idowu who wrote:

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“A woman did this to her husband for marrying another Wife. They even had sexual intercourse before she perpetuated this act overnight . The husband is currently receiving treatment at Ijebu-Ode General Hospital. All in the name of jealousy. ‎May God have mercy on”

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  1. Na only God go dey prtect all men fron iku nbomorin omokofura iyawo dem cos, our 4fathers use 2 hav 4,5,6 wives nd they liv in peace & hamoni, dn’t even knw wat 2 say 2 dis kind over spreading act of women now adays.

  2. Na only God go dey prtect all men fron iku nbomorin omokofura iyawo dem cos, our 4fathers use 2 hav 4,5,6 wives nd they liv in peace & hamoni, dn’t even knw wat 2 say 2 dis kind over spreading act of women now adays.

    • The bible say one man one wife, Muslim woman will never do that, only for better for worse women can do this evil deeds

  3. Though xtreme, Let’s not judge, do you know what she went through before the marriage. Some men treat their wyfs like trash bcos they want to marry a new one. A woman treats n respect you the way you did to her.

  4. Wt i know is dt b4 a woman van do dis, her hrt has been battered as well , she must gone tru a lot wt him though it does not justify her actions… Most men dis days are heartless they go 4 already made ladies not minding how Dr wife feels.. Some abandons wife nd kids just dt she should hv quit d marriage if she can stand d 2nd woman.

    • So for DAT reason she has d right to do dis to her husband…. Not surprised birds of same feather flocks together if ur Brother is treated dis way organise a party to celebrate it bcos women has feelings . so u r justifying d act she perpetrated?

    • U know ppl react wtout reading ur comment well. My brother will not do dt to his wife bicus a tree beats after its kind, and i never said dt she is right bicus am a believer. But am still saying dt it takes grace and enough word of God to endure esp when it is not done properly

  5. This is too much,but some men are heartless, they will not even remember how the woman suffered with dem.

  6. Some fools will just open there mouth to support evil .? So for the fact that he married a new wife does it me he deserves dis wicked and evil treatment? Can u stand dis if ur brother is treated dis way? na wa o

    • Haven’t u bn going thru issue in ur marriage ? Y ve u not slaughtered ur own husband . Animals in human skin . if she is not enjoying the marriage let her walk away instead of placing curse on her generation . Not everyone DAT flies is witch …… Someone DAT supports evil is equally a witch ……

    • Has the story tell you that the man hustle with his with and he get money before he went ahead to marry another wife. , don’t support what u don’t know and this is greedy

    • Neli vel Osman thank you; I like your reply to Angel Rueben no matter what had happened he does not deserve this! .

  7. I can no longer believe Facebook story again cos I don’t think any woman can do this , pls I prefer divorce if its true

  8. This is totally unacceptable is a very big lie as if you were there when this incident happy nonsense

  9. Hmmm.leyin gbogbo coment evribodi timoti read.idajoo mi reeee.seriouwuldsly if u dnt av God in ur life u give room to anoda spirit.u just cnt b.we r all accountable to someone.dt aside,dre is a limit to evritn,dis has gone too far. dts if its true.buh some men can b soo cold,,heartless,uncaring!he must av done a matter of fact dt woman is psychologically defect.she is sik,sincerely cos no mata wt no woman wuld do dis to jer husband.d madness was a grafual process b4 it escalated.she can neva b dsame again.dt m sure of.wt a pity

  10. That woman is d physical devil wevre seeing. Heatless woman. Owners of dis young n an make sure she joins d man”cos she must pay for wat she’ve done simple