Don Jazzy Takes Entire Mavin Crew to Church



Don Jazzy considers his artistes his children and plays a huge role in their daily lives.

Last week, Don Jazzy took them all to church, and now the famous producer has taken to his Instagram to share yet another awe-inspiring clip of them going to the place of worship.

The team members who did not partake in recent Sunday ritual include the new mum Di’ja, and Tiwa Savage who is currently touring the United States.

“Do something new in my life, something new in my life,” they all sang merrily after they crammed into his car.

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“A family that prays together,” Don Jazzy captioned this new clip, and what a lovely family they are!

Watch the video below.

A family that prays together. 🙏🏽 #Mavin #Spotlight album link on my bio.

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  1. Going to church is good but are they all born-again? There is groove in Christianity, serving God pays Alot… so if he no carry them go church them for no go meaning they dnt even go to church before now, hmmm!!!

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