Mark Zuckerberg ‘Endorses’ Nigerian Jollof Rice


So there are a lot of things we discovered about the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, following his recent visit to the country… Not only only did we see that he is down to earth and fun, we also know that he finds NIGERIAN JOLLOF RICE delicious!

Mark Zuckerberg came to Nigeria yesterday unannounced which led to a frenzy online as people went ballistic over the Facebook founder’s visit.

He had a lot of important things to do in Lagos including appraising the tech space and how it is doing in terms of growth and so on.

Jollof rice is delicious,” the FB boss said, but added that he has been advised not to compare ours to ‘the Ghanaians’.


Watch the clip here:

#MarkZuckerberg endorses #NigerianJollofRice 🙌🙌

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