See This Photo of a Bride Who Refused To Put on Makeup On Her Wedding Day



We bring to you a viral photo in Ghana…The Ghanaian Bride pictured above has been trending online after someone revealed she refused to wear makeup for her big day.

Ladies Can you do this on your wedding day? it’s a big move!

Guys, can you allow your bride attempt this?


She still looks beautiful even without the make up though.

…and here’s the reaction that Got me:


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  1. Very good, make sure you can do without some setting things around, makeup can never stop your wedding that day..

  2. You are still beautiful even without the make up. It’s not about “born again” Not every one is meant to follow what’s trending

  3. @memsy you fine reach am? even without make up she’s still a beaut, get a life, learn and be wise

  4. Make-up are just paint,which can be cleaned,washed or wipe out,but my dear thank God that u are who u are

  5. Everything is not all about makeup, she can do whatever that suit her on her wedding. Happy Married Life!

  6. She is very pretty, period! Some people are so addicted to make, men inclusive, that they could never see “true beauty” even if it hits them in the face!! @Esther Joseph, Memsy Thomas and Xaynerb Ibraheem, it just eats at you, doesn’t it , that “she’s actually BEAUTIFUL without MAKE-UP! Dumb Asses!!!

  7. So what? Is that supposed to be news. With all the economic crises going on thatz what u pple have to talk about. Is it not her wedding? I dont get it are we supposed to clap for her or weep for her. Mtchewww

  8. Go to deeper life church and see dier weddings , dey don’t wear makeup ……what is new here, dat u pple ar taking so serious? Ummm?

  9. Her wedding gown proves that she’s not a born again as for making up, it’s a matter of choice she looks charming happy married life

    • Make it a point of duty attend any deeper life or watch man wedding there you will get the answer you need

    • Viola so is it only deeper life people that are born again?i am a born again Christian ok,I don’t need to tie my eyes before I proof to you that i am don’t need to wear a wedding gown that covers your two hands before you proof to someone that your a born again christian. that is hypocrisy,same like pharisees.

    • If you want to use dressing like a yardstick to know who is a born again Christian then my sister your in for the shock of your life,because even Satan will be dressing like that too.moderate dressing is good,born again has nothing to do with dressing oh my sister.

    • Though you are right, satan and his agents can as well dress like born again Christians to get their ways but then what can we do

    • You are taking it to far @Ita Mary I don’t mean to judge all I said was the way we are made to believe the appearance of the born again Christian amongst us that’s all

  10. She is not serious, simple n light makeup wouldn’t spoil the love the husband to be has for her.

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  12. She ıs beautıful abeg plus ıts her choıce.and pls o dt wedın gown ısnt showıng any femınıne stuff out soo aw does dt ımply she ısnt bornagaın??must she wear turtleneck amd wrıst lenght dresses b4 u can ascertaın she ıs bornagaın?abegıııı.judge not so u wnt b judged!GBAM

  13. Heeehe another person matter no take am personal now she’s cool thank God were even putting on cloth …if not na leaf we go they use cover our body everything na olaju oooo


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