Actress, Adunni Adewale believes that good deeds should be done without being publicly displayed, as she frowns at celebrities who do it for show off.

According to her, when a good deed is done from the heart, the whole world should not know about it.

“When I do things, trust me I do a lot. I never post it up, I never take pictures. I feel like what’s the point if you are doing something from your heart, the whole should not know about it. I hope this statement does not come back an bite me in the butt, because I do hope to have my own organization, I just hope there are ways of you doing certain thing without you making noise and just posting it all up on social media, do it and keep mute”.

The actress who is born to Nigerian father and an American/German mother began her acting career in 2012 and made her debut in a movie titled ‘You or I’. she however became popular after her show comedy show ‘The Skit’ started making waves.