Nollywood actress, Stella Damusus has revealed why God is changing her.

The actress wrote,

“We walk around with stained dresses and people laugh at our stains. They laugh even when they don’t know how deep the wounds are. They laugh even when they don’t know how the stains got there. God is changing me because even though I still have a stain on me, he is working in me to know who I am and not bother about what the dress looks like. People will criticize and insult and he might let you go through it. But No one can ever understand the work he is doing in you till he announces your victory and comeback. May God announce your victory for the world to hear in Jesus name. #midweek #midweekmotivation #stelladamasus #sdmotivates #atl #america #actor #radio #host”

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  2. No matter what they say about your personality does not change my likes for you. Remain Blessed