Looks like windscreen cleaning, suit wearing Abdullahi Olatoye isn’t the only one who takes pride in his work. A well suited young man who sells cooked noodles and fried egg by the roadside, was spotted recently somewhere in Lagos.

He even has a branded backdrop for his small business which he named ‘Chow Now’.


Dignity in labour or nah?

  1. Very soon some of my biafran brothers that enjoy bounding houses in lagos an abuja will come back to the biafra land,an do this

  2. Posing as a manager and chef at the same time. Dont let ur tie enter person prepared and presented indomie for only that will spoil all this ur effort

  3. So Wats wrong with his dressing??? The difference between a person serving in a 5star hotel and dis fellow is just packaging. May God bless ur hustle bro