This Photo Explains Why Most Nigerian Men Are Running Away From Getting Married



A Nigerian man has caused yet another commotion on Facebook after posting a photo of a marriage introduction allegedly taking place in Mbaise, Imo State.

The photo which shows the shocking demand made by the woman’s family has been said to be the reason why many men are running away from getting married.

The huge money some men pay just to get married is so unbelievable an alarming.


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  1. This is not true nd can never be true. Na house the guy wan start to dey build? After all these things the man’s love for d woman will be reducing now! Is too much oh.

  2. Bt wait o,dis does nt look like an introduction/wedding party it looks more like a welfare thing.wateva

  3. D guy Neva ready to take a wife…… be efry man wey wear trousers don reach to marry wife. Make I’m go make money joo….


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