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  1. Ur a real man. Once a while all this so call politician should try it most especially transport minister n works minister so dey cul knw d stress n improve all d road n our transportation sector.

  2. Trekking is actually good for the body and people abroad dump their luxurious vehicles at home and trek to office.

  3. so wats d big deal about dat? of course he can do dat as he likes bcuz he is blessed wit Two legs…or it a crime fr d rich to trek?? aporoko dem mak una mind una business oo

  4. we’r not maga please, who snap u. ur security or adc. work on d street indeed wt full security adding in one place.

  5. Most politicians cannot do it. It is not a question of having legs or not, being human or not, or being special. He did it because he has nothing to fear. He is a clean man. I love him for that.