I Never Dated Anybody in Nigeria- Actress Uche Jombo Reveals

In a recent interview with Sunday Scoop, Nollywood actress, Uche Jombo said she never dated anybody outside Nigeria.

In her words, “Before I got married, I had always dated people who lived outside Nigeria. As a result, being married to someone who lives abroad does not seem bizarre. I didn’t plan to marry someone who lives abroad. Rather, it just happened.”

Uche also advised ladies not to be pressurized into getting married.

“Marry because you know this is what you want to do once in your lifetime. You have to be married to someone you can do everything with. Don’t marry because people say it is time to get someone. Get married for yourself. The pressure today will not be worth the ache tomorrow.” she added.

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  1. What abt Norbert Young who is now married to Gloria Anozie d nollywood mama who starred at d movie titled “the Glamour girls”?

  2. What abt Norbert Young who is now married to Gloria Anozie d nollywood mama who starred in d movie titled “the Glamour girls”?

  3. Na lie.those days at apapa I know a guy DAT works for chikason group DAT u sleep with and ur fee then was hundred k a night.

  4. You lie too much to yourself, for me nigeria guys are best guys on this planet. They are so sweet and caring ?

  5. Look this prostitute who has slept with thousands of movie directors in the name of actress

  6. y ar u demonizing her? She only stated dat she never dated any guy hr bt dat dosnt mean she never slept around. She got her jumbo from running frm 1 man to another.

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