A leaked Whatsapp conversation details a sad exchange between a Kenyan woman and her foreign employer who heads or holds a senior position in a company in Kenya.

The whole conversation was partly an indication of probably what most women go through in the employment sector as they try to find the balance between eking out a living and keeping their dignity.

The boss has been identified in the conversation as Killian Fleming.

In the conversation, the employee was seen making an offer to the lady- that she would be elevated to the position of a team leader of an international company.

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The woman turned down the advances, saying that she was choosing loyalty to her husband over a job promotion.

Undeterred, the boss  threatens her  with a possible sacking since she had not achieved the set Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for the previous month.

She is told that the only way to keep her job is to give in to the nefarious desires of her boss.