A Port Harcourt resident on Facebook has shared unbelievable photos of a 4-year-old girl brutally beaten by her father.

She was said to have allegedly misplaced the slippers her father bought for her. And the father flogged her like this?! How can you flog a 4-year-old child like this?


  1. The man is callous. He should be charged for child abuse. This seems transfer aggression on the part of the father.The stupid faher rather than vent his anger against the govt, visited the collective sins of past and present govts.on the innocent child.

  2. Because of ordinary slippers, how much could he have bought the thing, he’s an animal?!!

  3. I feel so sorry for that baby…..she’s so young n …………really hard to believe that the one who is supposed to protect her n love her ,did that to her

  4. Whaaaaaaattt!!! 4yrs??!! Abg mk una bring me dt pikin cm to think of he really d father of ds baby??

  5. I cant believe is because of ordinary slippers that this gal was flog like this , unless the man is posses by evil spirit or there is something behind the slippers.