Mercy Aigbe Shows Support to Toyin Aimakhu Over #SaveMayowa Saga

Following the news of the scam of #SaveMayowa initiative, the charity pioneer Toyin Aimakhu has faced a lot of criticisms from Nigerian.

Some felt Toyin Aimakhu should have let the sleeping dogs lie and not involve the police in the situation while some felt she took the right action in inviting the police to wade in the matter.

Her colleague Mercy Aigbe took to her Instagram page to show her support to her fellow Edo friend.

Mercy wrote, “In as much as this is a sensitive issue, I would like to show my support to my friend, colleague and sister, Toyin Aimakhu who is receiving a lot of flaks over this #SaveMayowa campaign. We all err, we make mistakes but remember she had good intentions, she went out of her way to help raise the money but unfortunately things turned out the way it did…..This is another passing phase Toyin pls stay strong!#isupporttoyin.”

  1. D lord is ur strength for ur good intentions, may God reward u abundantly. Dt should not stop u from doing good bcos u have a good heart