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A 5 year-old girl in Australia, Jocelyn Lewis has been found safe and well after disappearing during a game of hide and seek. She was discovered under a motorway and was missing for nearly 24 hours.

Her discovery ended a Queensland Police search which mobilised over 160 officers and volunteers.Members of the public also joined the search and left blankets and water out for the child.

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Her father told newsmen: ‘They checked her out and they’ve said that she’s okay. I’m okay, I haven’t slept at all. She’s hungry and thirsty.

”I was just getting very concerned it was going to go the other way. She’s very special to me, she’s my only child.

”I’ve come out here to thank the community for all that they’ve done, that’s how she was found. It just goes to show if everyone rallies together, just how well we can do.” He added.

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”We’re going to clean her up, and get a good meal, all of us, we haven’t eaten.”

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