“I allowed my wife to sleep with a man for 4 days for N6million, Now She Disgusts Me”
Couple counting money — Image by © Jose Luis Pelaez Inc/Blend Image/Blend Images/Corbis

A poverty-stricken man who convinced his wife to sleep with a rich man for some millions has taken to social media to lament about the mental torment he is battling with. 

Relationship adviser and psychologist, Joro Olumofin shared the story of how a man made his wife sleep with a customer for a whooping sum of N6 million which has started to affect him psychologically.

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Read his shocking story below:

rich-sleep-0 rich-sleep-01 rich-sleep-02What do you think? Any advice?

  1. U told her to go ahead. If she wanted it she wuld have done it witout U knowing. She tidak it for love nd now U are disgusted. U better learn to leave wit it nd ask for spiritual intervention from God. Only God can give U Peace. Nd also try to coax her into talking. She wuld if U do it right nd wen she does dnt blame her cus U actually agreed to it. Hope U make it right.

  2. Young man you have compromised your manhood for 6million.she is what u made her.sEek the face of are lucky am fasting if not I would have called you a goat and gold digger.ewu!!!!