How Well Do You Know Naija? Check Out Traditional Bridal Outfits…


There is beauty in diversity.

Whoever said diversity isn’t beautiful has clearly never been to Naija. With over 250 ethnic groups and over 500 languages, we are as diverse as they come.

This diversity also translates to lots of different foods. I can’t get enough of the different Naija food available in this country. Our cultural practices are also different and vary from tribe to tribe.

Marriage rites in each region in Naija varies. Check out these different brides in their different cultural attires:

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1. North

image-11 IMG_9446-1140x1155

2.  Southwest

bride-yoruba-768x1151 Yoruba-Nigerian-Bride-Layefa-Beauty-BellaNaija-0

3.  Southeast

8CR3iUQwGLhzWMBY9DbYZYCK image85

4.  South-south

bride-igbo Igbo-Nigerian-Bride-Layefa-Beauty-BellaNaija-01

Can you identify the specific tribes of these lovely brides?

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