Most abused English words by Nigerians – If you’re Nigerian, you would be familiar with these everyday words you hear in the office, classrooms, on the street and everywhere. Some words get so overused and with time, begin to differ from their common or intended use.

Nigerians love to say what they say and they say it with all confidence, whether it’s wrong or right.

Below you’ll find some of the most commonly overused and abused English words used by Nigerians.


  1. As in


Nigerians love to say ‘as in’. It means for example or for instance. Sometimes, when Nigerians use it in a sentence, it has nothing to do with for example.

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2. Like Really


You’re talking with a friend and the next thing you hear is ‘like really’. It often comes in the form of a question, like do you really mean what you’re saying.

3. I was like


Someone is telling a story and the next thing you hear is ‘I was like’, which means, ‘I said’.

Apparently, ‘I was like’ makes the discussion more exciting and enjoyable than just saying, ‘I said.