An Indonesian woman has been arrested for allegedly posing as a man and ‘deceiving’ the woman she married, and this was after the wife discovered her deception and alerted the police.

According to Daily Mail:

“Suwarti, who like many Indonesians goes by one name, was detained Thursday after the wife, Heniyati, alerted authorities, several months after the pair tied the knot in a ceremony on Java island.

When they met, 40-year-old Suwarti gave herself the male name Muhamad Efendi Saputra and said she was a police officer.

After a whirlwind romance lasting a couple of months, the pair married late last year in their home district of Boyolali, with Suwarti reportedly even hiring people to pretend to be her male alter ego’s relatives at their wedding.

The wife became suspicious when her ‘husband’ refused to consummate the marriage.

After several months of married life, Heniyati finally discovered an identity card in Suwarti’s wallet showing who she really was.”

Suwarti has admitted to the deception and could face up to seven years in prison for falsifying her identity, according to local chief detective Muhamad Kariri.

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Speaking with the press, the upset wife Heniyati said her family is embarrassed by the deception the ‘man’ she married put them through. “She falsified all the documents for the marriage… My family and I were deceived. We feel so embarrassed,” the 25-year-old Heniyati told the Jakarta Post newspaper.

Daily Mail adds that while it is unclear why Suwarti would deceive the unsuspecting woman, she told the police that she had been disappointed by a previous marriage she had a 17-year-old child from.

Now, she is being investigated by the police and faces up to seven years in prison.