A suspected ritualist was reportedly apprehended in the Ipaja area of Lagos state recently.

According to reports, the suspect was seen chanting incantations at a T-junction. He was made to eat the contents of his bowl which he had planned to leave behind.

Here’s what a witness, @SmoothKing wrote:

“We are living in a world where people are evil to the other man. So I went to spend the weekend at my uncles’ in Command area of Ipaja. We were watching the Euro 2016 final between Portugal and France at a bar jejely when some people noticed a man making some incantations calling out someone’s name.

That was how we all rushed out to see what was going on. To cut the long story short, he was made to carry back the concoction he had dropped and forced to eat after begging the angry area boys that he didn’t want to eat it.

He was given a chilled Turbo King to down the porridge-looking food with eggs. The T-junction has been known to be a popular place for ritualist so, on this fateful day, nemesis caught up with the evildoer in the most unexpected way.”

See more photos below:

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