Controversial singer, Dencia has vowed to continue with her lawsuit against American actress, Lisa Raye who said her whitenicious cream causes skin cancer.

Lisa sent a mail to Dencia in order to settle the issue but the singer refused to turn up.

Dencia shared a screenshot of Raye’s mail on Instagram and wrote,

Don’t u ever play yourself,don’t let these internet streets hype you cuz at the end u are alone in this mess.Most of u know what happened I think January with Miss Lisa Raye.After her Radio interview I reached out to her & movie producers to retract statement and they ignored me.I retained lawyers who sent a letter and she was like oh idk this person bla bla bla,the Radio station retracted but Lisa didn’t,she had her chance & went on tmz & decided to promote her movie.$20,000 later on lawyers & lost sales u want to negotiate?
No Lady we going to court.When u live in a Country like America with laws and u are in an industry where u are supposed to chew your words before saying anything u have to understand the consequences.I was insulted assaulted,lost money,spent money & now u want to settle nah I don’t settle for less.This will teach anyone coming for me lesson,I got time & $$ to make you pay for what u say.The Internet is out here making people act above their wage,some shit is kitchen table talk and the key is to leave it in the oven so u don’t play yourself,so here is my reply Miss Raye SEE U IN COURT.I told y’all I don’t need luck I win everything.Be careful who u come for I am not famous I am just a YOUNG AFRICAN GIRL Living her life somewhere far away from Drama that seems to find me in these bushes.
I am suing for lost wages
The emotional torture I went thru
The money I spent shopping in Paris to feel better
The stress it caused me I cldnt take care of my dogs ?
The time I spent texting causing my fingers stress?
The cost of my trip to the Maldives to think about what I wanted to do?
The money I spent buying a new car I didn’t need just 2 drive 2 BH 2 see my lawyers?
The stress on my family?
The stress on my clients & friends who had to defend me (send your bills in)
The private jet I took back to la from Paris 2 meet my lawyers on time The list goes on & on,this ain’t no joke cuz people really will sue u for things like this lol.All I am saying is all u celebrities promoting yo shit just leave me out especially my companies @whitenicious @darkliciouscosmetics @envydiacosmetics @monangebebe I don’t play with my businesses.????”

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